Review: La Petite Robe Noire – Guerlain


I just received this fragrance a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait and review it after I had tested it properly.I have now worn this three times in mild fall weather and this fragrance is absolutely beautiful for gourmand lovers.You can really smell all the notes in this however the one note that I can’t really pick up on my skin is the rose.

The cotton candy note is high quality and blended well with the typical Guerlain creamy vanilla note.The blueberry is very noticeable but its not a fresh blueberry it is a warm blueberry jam or sauce warming on a pan.I can’t believe the people complaining about the longevity of this because on my dry skin this has amazing longevity.I spray once on the neck and once on the stomach and this lasts ALL day.

The dry down is beautiful.The sandalwood vanilla and white musk is rather woody and heavy.I don’t think I would wear this in the summer as it would be way to sweet but worn fall through spring is perfect.Cotton candy is one of my favourite smell but I wanted a grown up cotton candy and they git this one absolutely right in my humble opinion!This is creamy warm balsamic and woodsy with a whimsical dose of blueberry cotton candy woven through the composition.

I would wear this out at night because its rather dressy and sophisticated.So if your like me and like class but have a whimsical eclectic streak as well def try this fragrance its high quality ingredients are smooth and utterly charming and classy!This is a strong love for me and the bottle is adorable.This is Parisienne perfume at its finest!


Perfume Bottles And Fragrances


The very word perfume creates a whiff of fragrance in the surroundings. It fills and mesmerizes the senses with a wonderful sensation and feeling. Perfumes have always attracted mankind and how a bottle of perfume is created is a mystery even in this era and age! The art of perfume making is a secret and the selected perfumes are created by specialists who never divulge the ingredients of it. This makes each bottle of perfume unique.

The perfume making art was introduced in Egypt and Mesopotamia somewhere in the 2nd millennium BC. Originally perfume was made from spices like almonds, coriander and bergamot along with various other herbs. Flowers were not used in those days.

A Persian doctor and chemist discovered that perfume could be made from flowers too. He started making perfume with roses and rose water was a big favorite immediately. Once introduced, rose water was being used extensively and is still used.

With the advancement in the perfume making industry and mass production and consumption, there has been a sea change in the entire procedure of perfume making. It has now become a mechanical job no doubt but still needs expertise.

Commercial manufacturers keep their secrets of making perfume close to their hearts and don`t like to divulge it. However it is open secret that perfume is derived from plants, animals and other natural ways. Among the plants resins, seeds, leaves, fruits, and flowers are used. In the animals` category civet, musk and honey comb may be used. In the modern era genetically induced plants are also being used to make perfumes by the perfume manufacturers.

The manufacturers now days use many synthetic sources like chemicals prepared in labs to make perfume and these perfumes are quite a hit among the users.

Although the basic method of producing perfume is the same for all perfumes various manufacturers adopt slightly different style of manufacturing it according their individual style and choice.

Before you start making perfume you need to understand the composition of the perfume oil. They have been classified into four categories according to the role played by them. These scents are found in the different notes like the top, base or the middle according to the supporting ingredients.

They are the following: fixatives, modifiers, blenders and primary scents.

The fragrance oil has to be mixed with ethyl alcohol and water in special containers for a minimum of two weeks and all sediments are to be filtered off carefully. Nowadays the usual style is to use the base for it because of the obvious reasons instead of extracting perfumes from the `ground ups`.

There are quite a few types of oils mixed in a perfume. Once the final product is ready it is very difficult to know about its separate compositions. It is very difficult to break up the perfume and find its ingredients. However the nature of the perfume can be understood by the experts by using reverse technology. But this is also useful only if the perfume is not too much complicated in formation. A lot depends on the equipment that is put into use. Competitors and discerning consumers use it to reveal the formula used in the making of the perfume.

Continuous research is always being carried on in the perfume industry and experts keep experimenting and devising new ways of making perfume. Efforts are made to make each bottle unique, each perfume unique and the secrecy that is maintained by all concerned is amazing.

Perfume bottle that you have is unique and a lot of hard work has gone into it. Don`t waste it, but use it with love and care in honor of the care that has gone into it!


Review YVES SAINT LAURENT Parisienne Eau de Parfum Spray


Parisienne has a base-scent that is almost the same as the top-scent. Thát is very unique because after about 15 minutes the scent doesn’t change!! Parisienne has the scent of coloured flowers. It is stronger and goes deeper than a white flower-scent. That makes Parisienne not a typical summer product as whiter-flower scents do.
The “heavy” ingredients like musk and sandalwood are hardly noticeable. It is a pure flower-scent without a synthetic smell and without smelling sweet.

Most new perfumes from the last ten years have a base tone that has synthetic fruits as ingredients especially mellon is often used. Dior, Lancome, Gucci and Armani produced a lot of typical synthetic scents with a toptone that differs a lot from the base tone That is why the scent changes after a while. A lot of the brands have used the same synthetic ingredients, so many scents smell the same.
I can imagine that a lot of women who are used to those scents don’t have a positive opinion about Parisienne.

Parisienne is different, has a name that fits with the scent. It is very European, it is classic, it has style and it is ultra feminine.
You can wear the scent in the evening par exemple when you are having (a romantic) dinner at a good restaurant, but also at daytime because it is not too heavy.The scent has a good staying power.
Even after washing my clothes I can still smell it and that is not a punishment for me! I feel extra feminine when I wear Parisienne.

Choosing a scent is very personal. It is a matter of taste ánd how it reacts with your skin and your personal scent.
I love this scent! It is very elegant and mature.

Sahara Noir- Tom Ford for women

Tom-Ford-Sahara-Noir (1) Tom-Ford-Sahara-Noir

This is it. I have found my incense fix that will transport me away from this world.

This is all about Frankincense(olibanum).
Other notes are there, but one needs to wear this for at least two times in order to see what’s beyond the frankincense.For example: The amber and beeswax are there, but only giving accents to the scent. That’s where the “almost” sweet vibe comes from, especially in the first hour.

The cypress is also there. It adds a tiny bit of a spicy character to the frankincense, which gives it more depth and mystery.
The drydown is all about that churchy olibanum frankincense, but it never gets too sharp or “cold”. It stays smooth and soft.
The beeswax finally opens up in the drydown, giving the scent extra warmth.

I am always being accosted by strangers. I kid you not, I have had people practically shove their faces in my personal space, inhale deeply, and with a glazed over, love drunk look in their eyes; barely exhale, “What are you wearing ?”

“Masterpiece” doesn’t do justice to this.
This is an addictive scent that should be purchased with a prescription!  I’ve been putting Sahara Noir on twice a day, once in the morning and then after getting out of the shower before going to bed. This is NOT a fragrance, this is a narcotic in a spray bottle!

You can buy Sahara Noir- Tom Ford online from Harrods.

Miss Dior-Dior for women

miss dior eau de parfum designer perfumes fragrances for women blog review miss dior eau de parfum designer perfumes fragrances for women blog review1 miss dior eau de parfum designer perfumes fragrances for women blog review2

When you wear Dior perfumes, people will give you great compliments and ask you the name of the fragrance. Miss Dior is another head turner scent by Dior.It is a powerful yet gentle and interesting mixture of flowers,musk and patchouli that evokes thoughts of trees swaying on a warm spring night gentle breeze. Floral, Sweet, Sophisticated, Chic, Fresh and Warm at the same time and Absolutely French style.

This fragrance has an perfect balance between Classic Miss Dior and modern Miss Dior Cherie.The initial burst of italian mandarin, always pitched at the right scale, garlanded by other beautiful flowers and a subtle warmer base, retaining the perfect pitch of voice of a sophisticated to-the-manor-born woman who wants a fresh and elegant scent to accompany her most precious moments as makes her feel elegance and beautiful instantly.

Miss Dior is not overwhelming, just subtle enough to grab the attention of others. It is about serene mystery and playful sensuality, perfect for all ages groups who are feminine, sophisticated, and youthful in spirit.The bottle is cute and looks great on a dresser.This is a great casual fragrance but certainly classy enough for the office or romantic evenings.If you are looking for a more delicate version of the classic fabulous Miss Dior or a more mature of Miss Dior Cherie this is for you.

You can buy Miss Dior from Debenhams.