Butterfly Tattoos


Tattoos are more than just pretty designs engraved in flesh. For many, a tattoo is a statement of identity or a symbol of something highly valued. The butterfly is one of the most popular tattoos in the world, both for its obvious physical beauty and for its longstanding symbolic meaning.


  • In both Native American and Celtic folklore, the butterfly represents nature and femininity. For the Chinese, the butterfly once served as a good omen at weddings. The Greek word for “butterfly” is “psyche,” which also means “soul,” and early Christianity also used the butterfly as a symbol for the human soul.

Physical Symbolism

  • Hundreds of varieties of butterflies are known, and each has its own eye-catching design and color scheme. This variety and vibrancy has made the butterfly one of the best-known symbols of beauty in the world. The butterfly is also light and fragile, its wings symmetrical, lending the butterfly image perfectly to a representation of nature, the environment and the delicate balance of natural forces.

Spiritual Symbolism

  • Many people are inspired by the transitive nature of the butterfly’s life cycle. From egg, to caterpillar, to adult insect, the butterfly constantly changes and evolves. Even as a caterpillar, it continuously sheds its skin in order to accommodate its own rapid growth. This process symbolizes the ever-present need for change and adaption in every aspect of human life, from relationships to personal growth.

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