Review: Lanvin – Modern Princess Eau de Parfum


The division of Lanvin Perfumes releases Modern Princess setting the new phase of Lanvin perfumes. Lanvin reveals the new, contemporary perception of a female as a defiant traveler of the independent and unconventional. She is fascinating, wild and very sensual; she utilizes her own spontaneity, playing with mystery and assurance. Never becoming hostage of anything, neither for anybody she sets her own fate, her liberty is treasured.

Christophe Raynaud of Firmenich the perfume creator explains it as an attractive floral aroma rich in structure, feeling and sensorial orientated, influenced by the red color. The perception of red is associated to passion, sensuality and intensity. It’s the color of love, and also an image of the forbidden. It is utterly captivating and exciting, extremely seductive like an addictive fruit.

Exploring the concentration of Lanvin Modern Princess the opening notes are fresh, energizing and youthful with delicious Pink Lady apple and red currant. The heart notes are more feminine; where a twofold identity of jasmine, subtle and voluptuous at the same time, mixes with freesia flower. In the dry down, the foundation notes signify powerful femininity with velvety white musk, magnificent blonde woods and sensual vanilla orchid.

The structure of the fabulous looking bottle for Modern Princess Perfume is the works of Carre Basset and is adorned with a golden chain under the cap while the aroma comes in a red packaging with white logo imprints.

Spanish model Steffy Argelich is the face of the perfume in the advertising and marketing campaign.


Review: J’adore – Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior


I got this one recently and I love it! I don’t know what it is about J’adore line, but I think every flanker in this series is so well structured and high-quality… Honestly, I prefer the flankers than the original EDP.

J’adore Lumiere EDT is a high-quality citrusy-floral scent. Yes, it resembles the original EDP, but on top of that also it’s more fresh, less intense than the classic… At the beginning you can smell lovely citrus accord (mainly due to the blood orange note), it quickly fades away though and we are left with the floral, feminine, classy scent, which lasts for hours.

It certainly makes a great summer scent, but I also intend to wear it during fall and spring. Francois Demachy did a great job again!


Review: La Petite Robe Noire – Guerlain


I just received this fragrance a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait and review it after I had tested it properly.I have now worn this three times in mild fall weather and this fragrance is absolutely beautiful for gourmand lovers.You can really smell all the notes in this however the one note that I can’t really pick up on my skin is the rose.

The cotton candy note is high quality and blended well with the typical Guerlain creamy vanilla note.The blueberry is very noticeable but its not a fresh blueberry it is a warm blueberry jam or sauce warming on a pan.I can’t believe the people complaining about the longevity of this because on my dry skin this has amazing longevity.I spray once on the neck and once on the stomach and this lasts ALL day.

The dry down is beautiful.The sandalwood vanilla and white musk is rather woody and heavy.I don’t think I would wear this in the summer as it would be way to sweet but worn fall through spring is perfect.Cotton candy is one of my favourite smell but I wanted a grown up cotton candy and they git this one absolutely right in my humble opinion!This is creamy warm balsamic and woodsy with a whimsical dose of blueberry cotton candy woven through the composition.

I would wear this out at night because its rather dressy and sophisticated.So if your like me and like class but have a whimsical eclectic streak as well def try this fragrance its high quality ingredients are smooth and utterly charming and classy!This is a strong love for me and the bottle is adorable.This is Parisienne perfume at its finest!


Review TOO FACED Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

Too-Faced-Natural-Eye-Neutral-Eyeshadow-Collection-1 Too-Faced-Natural-Eye-Neutral-Eyeshadow-Collection-2 Too-Faced-Natural-Eye-Neutral-Eyeshadow-Collection-3

I love this product… I have had the compact for almost TWO YEARS, and I FINALLY need to refill… All of the colors are great to mix and blend; With a primer- the colors can literally stay for about 2 days. (An all-nighter at the office- I was able to pull off a no-makeup change until a lunchtime shower). For a natural palate, the range from ‘day’ to ‘night’ looks can be very dramatic. Easily blend work-day to happy hour and beyond without having to carry a duffle bag around with you for the switch-up. The Sexpresso worn as a wet eyeliner/shadow is just right for daytime, I wear a layer of that over my black liquid Nars liner which really makes it blend in, but not stand out– then use the wet Sexpresso on my lower lids and, perfect-o.
The compact has a fabric-magnetic latch, which makes it easy to open without having to worry if you’re going to chip your manicure, but also stays sealed perfectly when you drop the top. Also, if you lost a bobby-pin in your makeup bag, your eyeshadow will let you know…I don’t know why that is a feature I enjoy… but I do..

The cards that come with the compact tuck securely into the top part of the cover- they had good ideas that I played with to make the color palate and techniques my own- The cards are durable, and clean up if you don’t lose them. (I’ve lost them)

My only “complaint” would be that the NUDE BEACH : (POSITIVE: it’s SUPER glittery- *caution* not for use in daylight over the age of 21?- but just enough to be be worn out at night to really highlight the brow bone and make your eyes stand out without looking like you’re trying- honestly a great addition to a great set of shadows if you don’t want to “look like you’re wearing makeup”- and isn’t that the whole point)?

CON: NudeBeach: Sadly it is so glimmer-ey it seemed to be loosely packed so it cracked and littered everything with sparkles (but I was able to save the remaining shadow as a loose powder (kept in a separate container) but wish it would have stayed in to compact -a) to be able to use a dab here and there and b) to avoid a makeup bag detox.

One thing that would be brilliant if the colors could be sold individually, because I use SilkTeddy and Sexpresso more than any of the others, and now I’m out, so I will have to buy a whole other set (not that it’s expensive AT ALL for the product you get)! It would just be nice to have that option, (I’d probably then find a way to superglue the new refills into the compact 😉 

Review BEN NYE “Banana” Luxury Powder

IMG_6896ben nye banana powder

I have been using Ben Nye’s banana powder for years as this always helped counteract any unwanted redness from use of Retinol products or atmospheric irritants that wreck havoc on my sensitive skin. Especially redness that was not well covered with light foundations. I have even used this product on its own on days when I didn’t feel like applying foundation or tinted moisturizer and still felt the need to do something to counteract redness.

The yellow tint of the banana powder is not for all skin tones and works best with medium tones or like me, those suffering from redness. If you are very fair or very deep toned, Ben Nye has a complete line of Luxury Powders that give the same smooth and pore-less finish in other colors. I will occasionally mix Cameo and Banana together for a less yellow tinged color and still see the smooth finish I desire.

I have learned a couple of different ways to apply, depending on what I wish to accomplish. If I am just setting my make-up for a smooth, pore-less, I will shake a bit in the palm of my hand and take my powder brush and lightly dust across my face.
If I am working to reduce redness, I will sprinkle a bit into a velour powder pouf while holding like a taco shell. I will then rub the sides of the pouf together to evenly distribute the powder and then turn the pouf inside out with the powdered side facing my face for application.
I gently roll the pouf across my cheeks to push the powder into my face to get heavier application. Once I get the results I desire take my powder brush and gently sweep across the area to dust away any loose powder. This method definitely gives a heavier application for hiding severe redness but if not done correctly can end up looking cakey so be careful and do a little at a time to achieve coverage without going too thick.

Review YVES SAINT LAURENT Parisienne Eau de Parfum Spray


Parisienne has a base-scent that is almost the same as the top-scent. Thát is very unique because after about 15 minutes the scent doesn’t change!! Parisienne has the scent of coloured flowers. It is stronger and goes deeper than a white flower-scent. That makes Parisienne not a typical summer product as whiter-flower scents do.
The “heavy” ingredients like musk and sandalwood are hardly noticeable. It is a pure flower-scent without a synthetic smell and without smelling sweet.

Most new perfumes from the last ten years have a base tone that has synthetic fruits as ingredients especially mellon is often used. Dior, Lancome, Gucci and Armani produced a lot of typical synthetic scents with a toptone that differs a lot from the base tone That is why the scent changes after a while. A lot of the brands have used the same synthetic ingredients, so many scents smell the same.
I can imagine that a lot of women who are used to those scents don’t have a positive opinion about Parisienne.

Parisienne is different, has a name that fits with the scent. It is very European, it is classic, it has style and it is ultra feminine.
You can wear the scent in the evening par exemple when you are having (a romantic) dinner at a good restaurant, but also at daytime because it is not too heavy.The scent has a good staying power.
Even after washing my clothes I can still smell it and that is not a punishment for me! I feel extra feminine when I wear Parisienne.

Choosing a scent is very personal. It is a matter of taste ánd how it reacts with your skin and your personal scent.
I love this scent! It is very elegant and mature.