How I Streamline My Morning Routine


I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more hectic my mornings become! When my alarm goes off, there’s an entire list of important chores to get through. Not least, a quick hair and makeup routine, breakfast, and feeding the animals! I can only imagine how crazy it gets with children. I’ve slowly started to perfect a morning routine, and I’ve got plenty of tricks to streamline the entire process. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Wear my hair up

Washing your hair, blow-drying, straightening, fixing, fastening, and treatments take forever. And it’s even worse when you wake up and your hair just won’t co-operate. On those days, I forget about the whole debacle and put it straight up in a bun. It can even look quite stylish if you wake up on the right day! I like to quickly straighten the fringe and the lower back of my hair. Then roll up the rest in the middle of the bun. Easy.

Laser hair removal

I must say, I was a little wary of this, but I’m so glad I finally gave in. I’m sure you’ll agree, shaving is plain awful. It’s painful, it damages your skin, and it takes ages in the morning. Since I started using laser hair removal machines, my morning routine is so much faster. I don’t have to worry about shaving first thing in the morning, and I can hop straight in and out of the shower. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at these laser & IPL machines compared on That’s how I found my current machine.

Get things ready the night before

I know the last thing you want to think about before bed is your morning routine. But, if you can spare five minutes the night before, you’ll save at least twice that in the morning! Try choosing your outfit and laying out the clothes before you go to sleep. Make a packed lunch if you need it, or pack the kids’ school bags the night before. The fewer decisions you have to make in the morning, the better!

Go to bed earlier

My slowest mornings always come after I’ve stayed up that little bit too late. Sometimes you read an extra few chapter of your book, or got back late from an evening with friends. Whatever the reason, always try to get into bed with plenty of time to spare. The key to a streamlined morning is a good night’s sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Prepare an easy breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Yet, it’s so easy to rush right past it. You can make it through to lunch without it, right? It’s this attitude that will slow you down in the morning. If you want a quick, productive morning, make time for a quick breakfast. It doesn’t need to be anything special. A quick bowl of cereal will wake you up, and keep you going!

What tricks do you use to streamline your morning routine?

Give a touch of elegance to your floors


A high wooden floor and some well-picked tiles can look great indeed. But they still need to offer that warm and cozy look when you return home. They should make you wish to throw the shoes off your feet and rush to feel their soft and comfortable surface. Not to mention that a great rug will always complete the interior design of a room. If you wish to see the wood or tiles of the floor that’s great. Just pick a rug to place only in the area where you spend your time the most. Consider the color and structure of your floor, together with other representative elements in the room, and pick the rug that will merge will them perfectly. The appearance of the room will look fabulous, more elegant and welcoming at the same time.

If you lost the faith of finding good looking and high-quality rugs that will suit your tastes, it means you did not discover Rug Mountain yet. Rug Mountain is a leader in UK when it comes to providing rugs. Their diversity is incredibly large, having a rug for every purpose and every taste. Don’t hesitate to check out their offer, because you will be pleasantly impressed by all the wonderful rugs you will find there. Whether you wish a modern rug or a traditional one, a shaggy rug or a plain one, Rug Mountain can offer excellent models for all these categories and even more. It is very unlikely not to find a carpet to match your needs since the diversity is rather staggering.

Probably the most appreciated and comfortable looking are the shaggy rugs. The fantastic quality and soft finish of the shaggy rugs offered by Rug Mountain will give a luxurious appearance to every floor, old or new. They may appear sensitive, but the truth is that they are the opposite. These shaggy rugs can look great and still face areas with high traffic. You can easily put them where your children play or where pets walk by because they will not lose their splendor and, in spite of their fluffy appearance, they can be easily maintained and kept clean. All of these is due to the special fibers that are in the rug, making it sturdy and durable.

Rug Mountain has a great variety of shaggy rugs, so go for it and choose the one that suits your preferences best. A great number of colors, sizes and designs are available. For areas with high traffic, you can opt for synthetic shaggy rugs or the ones that are stain resistant, to make sure they will still look good no matter what happens. There are also eco-friendly materials if you wish for the best quality and unique feeling. Wool, cotton, leather, even mink, are available in the series of natural shaggy rugs. The comfort they offer is incredible, although they might be a bit more sensitive than the synthetic rugs. Still, looking at the fire, savoring a glass of wine and treating your feet with a soft rug can be an excellent way to end the day.

How to project a professional image


Having a great business idea isn’t always enough to succeed in the competitive world of modern commerce. If you want to really shine, you’ll need to make sure you look and sound the part too. After all, people want to have confidence in the individuals and organisations they deal with, so a professional image is a must. To help ensure you give the best possible impression, take a look at the following top tips.

Dress the part

The way you dress can have a huge impact on how people perceive you. This is where smart, custom-branded clothing really comes into its own. Whether you’re in business alone or you’re in charge of a team of employees, printed or embroidered clothing featuring your company’s name and logo can help to elevate you to a new level of professionalism. As garment suppliers FireLabel note, these clothes can be an effective way to promote your business. They help to reinforce your brand and they show that you’re serious about what you do.

Ensure your premises are pristine

Like your outfits, your premises must be pristine. If you let standards slip in your workplace, you risk giving any visitors a bad impression. Your base should be well designed and maintained, and it should reflect the general ethos of your organisation. Branded signage can come in handy too, and always make sure your premises are clean and tidy.

Perfect your public speaking

No matter how good your ideas, you’ll struggle to succeed if you don’t perfect your public speaking skills. Like lots of people, you might feel nervous making pitches to groups of people, but this is a vital talent if you’re to achieve the success you’re after. If addressing an audience doesn’t come naturally to you, it might be a good idea to book yourself onto a public speaking course. This can boost your confidence and teach you how to present your ideas effectively and persuasively.

Make sure you know your stuff

Another top tip is to make sure you really know your stuff. When people ask you questions about your products or services, or about other topics related to your sector, it’s vital that you’re able to answer effectively. It doesn’t matter how smart you look and how confident you sound, if you’re ignorant of industry issues, you’ll fail to impress.

Projecting a professional image isn’t easy, and there are a host of potential pitfalls to avoid. However, by following advice like this, you should be able to achieve this goal.

A high-quality floor at an acceptable price


Wood is probably the warmest material that you can use when it comes to flooring. It is an excellent insulator, it is pleasant to walk on, not being too cold for your feet, and it gives a welcoming appearance to your home. Now that you have decided you need to change the old floors in your house, and you do consider wood, you probably think which type is best? What kind of wood flooring will suit your needs best and won’t wreck your budget? On a market when flooring materials are so diverse, it is hard to settle for a particular one. In this case, check out the engineered wood floors. They have great prices, and the wood is extremely durable and well finished.

The engineered wood floors represent the latest version when it comes to wood flooring. It combines the sturdiness and warm look of hardwood, but due to its manufacturing technology it behaves much better in conditions of interior humidity and liquid spilling. Hardwood is indeed gorgeous, but it is rather expensive, and it is well-known the fact that it needs periodic maintenance. If not, it will deform, crack and shrink. Not to mention that it is not recommendable to leave liquids to stay too long on its surface, as it may get damaged quickly. So now you have the opportunity of choosing a material that costs less and resists better to high usage and liquids, with minimum maintenance. The engineered wood floors are this alternative, offering you wooden floors that will look great for many years to come.

But these floors have a particularity that hardwood floors cannot provide. It is called click engineered wood flooring, and it means the installment is done rapidly, without leaving gaps or spaces between the wooden boards. Unlike hardwood flooring, you won’t need any nails to fix the boards together. You can installed then very easy, using a click system, and you can uninstall them in the same manner if you need access under the floor, without damaging the boards. The clicking systems is extremely efficient, even if it looks rather simple. It creates a tight lock between the boards, not allowing any liquid or humidity to enter in between and deform the wood. So you should not worry if you or your child spilled something on your floor because it won’t damage it due to the sealing fittings.

As you can see, there is an excellent alternative, with many advantages when it comes to wooden floors. The engineered wood floors come in a large variety of wood colors and patterns, low costs and maintenance. The click engineered flooring can be installed rapidly and incredibly comfortable, and will last for a long time without ruining its magnificent wooden appearance. Just use a damp mop or cloth and wipe these floors periodically, to keep dust and dirt off their surface. They will easily resist even in a house with energetic children and pets, so you shouldn’t have any worries regarding the integrity of your engineered wood floors.

Baby Boomers


Have you ever heard of the baby boom that happened between the year 1946 and 1964? This was the Post-World War II period where most couples were busy conceiving the next generation as during these years there was a noticeable increase in the birth rate worldwide. Baby Boomers is usually associated to the seventy six million people that were born during the period of 1946 to 1964 in the US. Baby Boomers have always had an outsized presence in the world compared to other generations such as the Gen Xers, Millennial or Post-Millennial.

In 2004, the UK baby boomers bear 80% of the UK’s wealth and were the purchasers of 80% of all most expensive cars, 80% of cruises and they were the highest consumers of skincare products compared to other generations. A question that you may be asking yourself; “Where are the baby boomers and what are they up to now”? Well we have the answer for you! Most baby boomers are now comfortably retired and enjoying every bit of life. To bring back a bit of nostalgia to these baby boomers and pay tribute to the living legends that have worked hard to construct our current society, Bingo Extra, an online bingo site has themed its website on the years that have marked this generation.

Bingo Extra is the galore of the baby boomers, where they will find themselves gone back in time when everything used to be good and simple. With its perfect retro-style, Bingo extra is sure to win the heart of people who were born in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and also those from the millennial generation, as this mobile bingo site have been able to merge fashion and trends of the yesteryears with the latest mobile gaming technology available today. Along with its pastel coloured graphics and designs, Bingo Extra will definitely amaze you with its numerous variations of bingo games such as 90 Ball, 75 Ball and 5 Line Bingo, as well as Prebuy games, poker, blackjack, roulette and scratchcards games.

The Baby Boomers have been portrayed as a generation of achievement, exploration and optimism, who have benefitted of increased education, financial stability and social opportunities. There are different factors that led to baby booms in the past and they include the end of World War I and World War II which set off a massive spike in birth rate. As most countries enjoyed a healthier economy post –world wars, this was favourable to any returning soldier to find solid jobs, affordable homes and subsidised education and vocational training that gave them the required financial security so as to settle down and start their families.

Boomers have grown up at a time of dramatic social change and they witnessed some of the greatest social changes in the world’s history, with dramatic shift in social, economic and educational opportunities. Many values are associated to the workers born in those years such as individual choice, prosperity, ownership, health and wellness.

This generation of boomers might be in their retirement days, but they remain as the generation that has had the greatest positive impact on society as a whole and they can be considered as role models for the future post millennial generations.

5 simple steps to a deeper sleep


Getting enough sleep is a must. As well as leaving you tired, ill-tempered and unable to concentrate, a long-term lack of shuteye can lead to potentially serious health problems, including an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. If you struggle to sleep at night, rest assured you’re not alone. It’s thought that up to a third of people in the UK experience insomnia at some point each year. The good news is, there are simple steps you can take to achieve a deeper and more satisfying sleep. Here are five of the most effective.

1) Create the right environment

First and foremost, make sure you have a suitable sleeping environment. As part of this, you’ll need a comfy bed. Bear in mind that as well as traditional products, it’s now possible to purchase adjustable versions that can provide tailored support to help you achieve the ideal sleeping position. By visiting specialist websites such as, you can peruse the plethora of options available. For added comfort, it may be worth choosing a bed that features an in-built massage therapy system, providing welcome relief from aches and pains. Don’t forget to choose a high-quality mattress too.

As well as making sure your bed’s up-to-scratch, think carefully about the rest of the room. Ideally, this space should be dark, quiet and tidy. It may be worth investing in blackout curtains and, if your home tends to get noisy, some earplugs could come in handy.

2) Watch what you eat and drink


Pay attention to what you eat and drink too. Avoid consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages late in the day and steer clear of too much alcohol. Although booze may help you to nod off more quickly, it tends to result in lighter and more disturbed slumber.

Sugary foods and heavy meals eaten in the evening can have a negative impact on your ability to sleep soundly too. This means it’s a good idea to have your main meal earlier in the day.

3) Stick to a steady sleeping routine


As long as your work and other commitments permit it, make sure you stick to a regular sleeping pattern. This will help you to programme your brain and body clock, making it easier to rest. Avoid the temptation to go to bed much later at the weekends or when you’re off work as this can throw your routine into disarray.

4) Take some time to relax before bed

It’s well worth setting a little time aside to relax and unwind at the end of the day before you try to sleep. Perhaps you’d benefit from sinking into a warm bath, or maybe relaxation exercises like yoga are more your thing. Reading or listening to the radio might also help to calm you down.

5) Leave the laptop and turn off the tablet


There’s no escaping the fact that we live in a digital world now. From shopping and watching videos online to checking social media and responding to work emails, you might feel like you spend much of your day glued to a screen. However, research has suggested that using devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets right up to bedtime can make it harder for people to drift off. So, if possible, make your bedroom a screen-free zone.

These steps may not completely rid you of your insomnia, but by following them you stand a better chance of getting a good night’s rest.