Give a touch of elegance to your floors


A high wooden floor and some well-picked tiles can look great indeed. But they still need to offer that warm and cozy look when you return home. They should make you wish to throw the shoes off your feet and rush to feel their soft and comfortable surface. Not to mention that a great rug will always complete the interior design of a room. If you wish to see the wood or tiles of the floor that’s great. Just pick a rug to place only in the area where you spend your time the most. Consider the color and structure of your floor, together with other representative elements in the room, and pick the rug that will merge will them perfectly. The appearance of the room will look fabulous, more elegant and welcoming at the same time.

If you lost the faith of finding good looking and high-quality rugs that will suit your tastes, it means you did not discover Rug Mountain yet. Rug Mountain is a leader in UK when it comes to providing rugs. Their diversity is incredibly large, having a rug for every purpose and every taste. Don’t hesitate to check out their offer, because you will be pleasantly impressed by all the wonderful rugs you will find there. Whether you wish a modern rug or a traditional one, a shaggy rug or a plain one, Rug Mountain can offer excellent models for all these categories and even more. It is very unlikely not to find a carpet to match your needs since the diversity is rather staggering.

Probably the most appreciated and comfortable looking are the shaggy rugs. The fantastic quality and soft finish of the shaggy rugs offered by Rug Mountain will give a luxurious appearance to every floor, old or new. They may appear sensitive, but the truth is that they are the opposite. These shaggy rugs can look great and still face areas with high traffic. You can easily put them where your children play or where pets walk by because they will not lose their splendor and, in spite of their fluffy appearance, they can be easily maintained and kept clean. All of these is due to the special fibers that are in the rug, making it sturdy and durable.

Rug Mountain has a great variety of shaggy rugs, so go for it and choose the one that suits your preferences best. A great number of colors, sizes and designs are available. For areas with high traffic, you can opt for synthetic shaggy rugs or the ones that are stain resistant, to make sure they will still look good no matter what happens. There are also eco-friendly materials if you wish for the best quality and unique feeling. Wool, cotton, leather, even mink, are available in the series of natural shaggy rugs. The comfort they offer is incredible, although they might be a bit more sensitive than the synthetic rugs. Still, looking at the fire, savoring a glass of wine and treating your feet with a soft rug can be an excellent way to end the day.

A high-quality floor at an acceptable price


Wood is probably the warmest material that you can use when it comes to flooring. It is an excellent insulator, it is pleasant to walk on, not being too cold for your feet, and it gives a welcoming appearance to your home. Now that you have decided you need to change the old floors in your house, and you do consider wood, you probably think which type is best? What kind of wood flooring will suit your needs best and won’t wreck your budget? On a market when flooring materials are so diverse, it is hard to settle for a particular one. In this case, check out the engineered wood floors. They have great prices, and the wood is extremely durable and well finished.

The engineered wood floors represent the latest version when it comes to wood flooring. It combines the sturdiness and warm look of hardwood, but due to its manufacturing technology it behaves much better in conditions of interior humidity and liquid spilling. Hardwood is indeed gorgeous, but it is rather expensive, and it is well-known the fact that it needs periodic maintenance. If not, it will deform, crack and shrink. Not to mention that it is not recommendable to leave liquids to stay too long on its surface, as it may get damaged quickly. So now you have the opportunity of choosing a material that costs less and resists better to high usage and liquids, with minimum maintenance. The engineered wood floors are this alternative, offering you wooden floors that will look great for many years to come.

But these floors have a particularity that hardwood floors cannot provide. It is called click engineered wood flooring, and it means the installment is done rapidly, without leaving gaps or spaces between the wooden boards. Unlike hardwood flooring, you won’t need any nails to fix the boards together. You can installed then very easy, using a click system, and you can uninstall them in the same manner if you need access under the floor, without damaging the boards. The clicking systems is extremely efficient, even if it looks rather simple. It creates a tight lock between the boards, not allowing any liquid or humidity to enter in between and deform the wood. So you should not worry if you or your child spilled something on your floor because it won’t damage it due to the sealing fittings.

As you can see, there is an excellent alternative, with many advantages when it comes to wooden floors. The engineered wood floors come in a large variety of wood colors and patterns, low costs and maintenance. The click engineered flooring can be installed rapidly and incredibly comfortable, and will last for a long time without ruining its magnificent wooden appearance. Just use a damp mop or cloth and wipe these floors periodically, to keep dust and dirt off their surface. They will easily resist even in a house with energetic children and pets, so you shouldn’t have any worries regarding the integrity of your engineered wood floors.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your New Bed

Young beautiful woman sleeping in bed close-up

Picking out a new bed can be fun! You can choose all kinds of attractive styles whether you want classic wood, a romantic four poster, or even sexy leather. When you are designing or decorating your bedroom, you tend to go for beds you like the look of, and fit them in with the décor you have in mind.


Then comes the trickier part – kitting your bed out with a mattress! Mattresses may all look basically the same, so aren’t so fun for those with a design mindset to choose. However, the kind of mattress you pick will make a huge difference to how well you sleep, and may even help with problems you have been experiencing, such as lower back pain.

There are all different types of mattresses out there, and while it is generally best to go for a good brand (click here for some great options) to ensure you get quality, the style of mattress you get is very much down to personal preferences and needs.

Foam or Spring?

Traditional mattresses are made with springs and then layers of padding on top. ‘Memory foam’ mattresses are made just of foam. Foam mattresses come in different densities, whereas with spring mattresses the differences are in the number of springs. The more springs there are, the more expensive the mattress usually is, and while this can be an indicator that a mattress is better quality or higher end, it isn’t actually better for everyone. Equally, while memory foam is advertised as a revolutionary thing that will change the way you feel forever, this isn’t the case for everybody and some people still sleep better on a spring mattress, even on one with relatively few coils!


Really, you can only know which mattress is right for you by testing a few out. If you want to take advantage of online bargains you still can – just go to a bed shop, test out the mattresses, and then search for the brand and style you like online when you get home! It may seem a bit cheeky but plenty of people do this. If you sleep alone, go and test out the beds to your heart’s content and choose the one you love most – anyone who joins you in it at a later date will just have to put up with your preferences! If you sleep as a couple, make sure you test the mattresses together. This is not just to make sure you find one you both like, but also because it may feel different with you both lying on it than with just one of you (so don’t take it in turns – test it together!). Stay on each bed for a few minutes to truly get a feel for it, and don’t test beds when you are tired – if you are exhausted every mattress will feel good!

Mattresses are all about preference and there are no rules about which is ‘best’ – even research on the matter has come up inconclusive, revealing that it really is a question of what feels good and comfortable to you!

Kitchen interior design trends for 2015


Revamping your kitchen could breathe new life into the space and help ensure you have the perfect base for cooking, eating and entertaining. The best thing is, you might not have to splash too much cash to achieve stunning results in this part of your home. A few simple tweaks could transform the look and feel of your kitchen. If you’re searching for some creative inspiration to tackle a project like this, take a look at these top design trends for 2015.

A marriage of the modern and the traditional

You might assume that when it comes to planning your new kitchen, you’ll need to choose between a modern and a traditional theme. However, with a little imagination, you can blend these two distinct styles. This year’s all about marrying contemporary and classical elements within the kitchen. For example, you might want to incorporate solid wood features. This traditional building material looks superb in cooking areas, and it makes the perfect accompaniment to a plethora of modern design elements. Solid wood worktops are a great choice, and they look especially good when teamed up with timber cabinets. To add some contemporary flare, you could include the likes of glass splashbacks and chrome cupboard handles in this room too.

Balancing the old with the new in this way can give your kitchen a timeless elegance, meaning it will look the part for many years to come.

Open shelving

Open shelving is also bang on trend for 2015. This can give kitchens an informal, rustic appeal and it also helps to open the rooms up and make them appear lighter and more airy.

For the best results though, combine this shelving with some closed cabinets. This will allow you to hide any items that you don’t want to put on display and it can help to give a tidier, more organised overall effect.

Bold splashbacks

When it comes to bold colours in kitchens, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. As a general rule, striking hues should be used with care. One way to introduce extra personality to your kitchen without going over the top is to include some bright splashbacks. They inject a flash of colour into cooking areas, but they will not dominate the rooms.

Ever-smarter appliances

Another top design tip is to include some smart appliances in your kitchen. It’s now possible to purchase everything from fridges with digital displays to touchscreen induction cooker tops. By investing in products like these for your kitchen, you can add instant style and sophistication. These appliances can also make your day to day life easier.

With design ideas like these to inspire you, you shouldn’t struggle to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Walk In Showers: Advantages And Uses


Walk in showers are becoming more and more popular in recent years for their contemporary look and feel, as well as their unique convenience.

Walk in showers have been popular for quite a while in certain commercial applications, such as at gyms. A walk in shower allows individuals to quickly duck into the shower after working out, and rinse the sweat and dirt off.

Walk in showers have recently become popular in home bathroom designs as well. I recommend you to view the Mira electric shower range, they offer a unique brand of convenience, flexibility, and style.

Walk in showers are convenient as they allow you to quickly and easily duck in the shower for a quick shower, without having to mess with a stuck shower curtain, etc. They are what you might call a minimal, integrated design.

As far as flexibility is concerned, walk in showers are about as flexible as showers can get. You can create a walk in shower anywhere in your bathroom you can get the correct plumbing to. You can put it in a corner, or even in the middle of the room if you wanted.

Once you do decide that a walk in shower is what you want, you have some great design options. You can create a wet room, which is basically just a corner of your bathroom surrounded by some glass panels to contain the water. This gives you a very flexible design, allowing you to make the shower the right size to fit your specific needs. For example, you could easily make a handicapped accessible shower this way.

There is really no limit to the designs you can create for your walk in shower. You can buy the glass panels separately and create your own unique design. If you can come up with a design, you can probably create it – It’s all up to you!

Get your New Year’s re-decoration project off to a flying start


It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through January, so if you haven’t done so already, it’s definitely time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. While some of us might be thinking about losing weight, saving money or learning a new skill, for many, the turn of a new year is the time to start off on some personal projects.

If you’re looking for inspiration to start decorating your home this year, you may need a little help and design tips from some of this season’s hottest trends. You may feel like you missed out on the best Black Friday home interior deals madness, but there is still a lot on offer out there. Here are just a few ways in which you can turn your home from drab to fab, without breaking the bank.

Go geo

One of the most noticeable trends to hit the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway was Carolina Herrera’s geometric shapes collection, which has made its way into our homes too. If you’re thinking bold, you could try re-wallpapering your whole kitchen to give a nod to this modern trend, or if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, consider a pair of curtains – you can find some great discounts right now at

Mellow yellow

We might be in the throes of winter but that’s no reason to make our homes look dull and depressing! Thankfully, one colour that’s a big hit this season is yellow. Consider this if you’re thinking about re-decorating a dining room. Along with reds and oranges, it is said that this colour encourages us to eat, so your guests will have a sunny disposition while enjoying their food! For a little karma-neutral décor change, consider trying out Earth Born Paints – these beautiful shades give off no harmful chemicals, so you can give your home a makeover and be kind to the environment.

Embrace the monochrome

If you’re not as bold as to bring the sunshine into your home, you could try tapping into one of the most sophisticated trends out there at the moment – black and white. This can add a touch of subtle class to a living room, for example, consider accessorising with a few cushions – this will ensure you don’t go overboard on your spending but will still keep your home looking bang on trend. Check out these amazing value wonders from Tesco – you’d be surprised just how much of a difference they will make.