Review: Lanvin – Modern Princess Eau de Parfum


The division of Lanvin Perfumes releases Modern Princess setting the new phase of Lanvin perfumes. Lanvin reveals the new, contemporary perception of a female as a defiant traveler of the independent and unconventional. She is fascinating, wild and very sensual; she utilizes her own spontaneity, playing with mystery and assurance. Never becoming hostage of anything, neither for anybody she sets her own fate, her liberty is treasured.

Christophe Raynaud of Firmenich the perfume creator explains it as an attractive floral aroma rich in structure, feeling and sensorial orientated, influenced by the red color. The perception of red is associated to passion, sensuality and intensity. It’s the color of love, and also an image of the forbidden. It is utterly captivating and exciting, extremely seductive like an addictive fruit.

Exploring the concentration of Lanvin Modern Princess the opening notes are fresh, energizing and youthful with delicious Pink Lady apple and red currant. The heart notes are more feminine; where a twofold identity of jasmine, subtle and voluptuous at the same time, mixes with freesia flower. In the dry down, the foundation notes signify powerful femininity with velvety white musk, magnificent blonde woods and sensual vanilla orchid.

The structure of the fabulous looking bottle for Modern Princess Perfume is the works of Carre Basset and is adorned with a golden chain under the cap while the aroma comes in a red packaging with white logo imprints.

Spanish model Steffy Argelich is the face of the perfume in the advertising and marketing campaign.



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