Review: La Petite Robe Noire – Guerlain


I just received this fragrance a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait and review it after I had tested it properly.I have now worn this three times in mild fall weather and this fragrance is absolutely beautiful for gourmand lovers.You can really smell all the notes in this however the one note that I can’t really pick up on my skin is the rose.

The cotton candy note is high quality and blended well with the typical Guerlain creamy vanilla note.The blueberry is very noticeable but its not a fresh blueberry it is a warm blueberry jam or sauce warming on a pan.I can’t believe the people complaining about the longevity of this because on my dry skin this has amazing longevity.I spray once on the neck and once on the stomach and this lasts ALL day.

The dry down is beautiful.The sandalwood vanilla and white musk is rather woody and heavy.I don’t think I would wear this in the summer as it would be way to sweet but worn fall through spring is perfect.Cotton candy is one of my favourite smell but I wanted a grown up cotton candy and they git this one absolutely right in my humble opinion!This is creamy warm balsamic and woodsy with a whimsical dose of blueberry cotton candy woven through the composition.

I would wear this out at night because its rather dressy and sophisticated.So if your like me and like class but have a whimsical eclectic streak as well def try this fragrance its high quality ingredients are smooth and utterly charming and classy!This is a strong love for me and the bottle is adorable.This is Parisienne perfume at its finest!



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