Give a touch of elegance to your floors


A high wooden floor and some well-picked tiles can look great indeed. But they still need to offer that warm and cozy look when you return home. They should make you wish to throw the shoes off your feet and rush to feel their soft and comfortable surface. Not to mention that a great rug will always complete the interior design of a room. If you wish to see the wood or tiles of the floor that’s great. Just pick a rug to place only in the area where you spend your time the most. Consider the color and structure of your floor, together with other representative elements in the room, and pick the rug that will merge will them perfectly. The appearance of the room will look fabulous, more elegant and welcoming at the same time.

If you lost the faith of finding good looking and high-quality rugs that will suit your tastes, it means you did not discover Rug Mountain yet. Rug Mountain is a leader in UK when it comes to providing rugs. Their diversity is incredibly large, having a rug for every purpose and every taste. Don’t hesitate to check out their offer, because you will be pleasantly impressed by all the wonderful rugs you will find there. Whether you wish a modern rug or a traditional one, a shaggy rug or a plain one, Rug Mountain can offer excellent models for all these categories and even more. It is very unlikely not to find a carpet to match your needs since the diversity is rather staggering.

Probably the most appreciated and comfortable looking are the shaggy rugs. The fantastic quality and soft finish of the shaggy rugs offered by Rug Mountain will give a luxurious appearance to every floor, old or new. They may appear sensitive, but the truth is that they are the opposite. These shaggy rugs can look great and still face areas with high traffic. You can easily put them where your children play or where pets walk by because they will not lose their splendor and, in spite of their fluffy appearance, they can be easily maintained and kept clean. All of these is due to the special fibers that are in the rug, making it sturdy and durable.

Rug Mountain has a great variety of shaggy rugs, so go for it and choose the one that suits your preferences best. A great number of colors, sizes and designs are available. For areas with high traffic, you can opt for synthetic shaggy rugs or the ones that are stain resistant, to make sure they will still look good no matter what happens. There are also eco-friendly materials if you wish for the best quality and unique feeling. Wool, cotton, leather, even mink, are available in the series of natural shaggy rugs. The comfort they offer is incredible, although they might be a bit more sensitive than the synthetic rugs. Still, looking at the fire, savoring a glass of wine and treating your feet with a soft rug can be an excellent way to end the day.


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