Facts about Arthritis

Arthritis is probably the most common joint illness affecting us. Just take a closer look around, and you’ll probably see someone walking like suffering from some pain, or even some of your relatives will have to endure the disease. There are very many factors that influence the appearance of illness, including diet habits, the environment and work-related factors, the lack of physical exercises, stress and many more. Unfortunately, the number of arthritis patients are unlikely to decrease, and the best thing we can all do is to try and prevent it from happening. Including in our diet nutrients and minerals that will help us have better bones and joints, unrolling constant physical exercise the strengthen our joint and eliminating unhealthy habits like smoking and sedentary behavior.

Scientific studies show that arthritis is not necessarily a disease of the modern century. Archeological findings and the study of the bones of ancient animals and primitive people showed that they also suffered from articular illnesses. If you have a dog companion that is heading towards a more advanced age, it is very likely that his joints will also develop arthritis. So it seems like the disease prefers any joints and bones, regardless of specie and period. But, unlike those unfortunate ancient people, we know about arthritis, its causes and how we can prevent and treat it.

Statistics also show that women are more prone to develop this disease. First, because women have a lower bone density than the density found in the bones of men. Thus, women are more prone to bone fractures. And secondly, because at older age menopause gets installed, being a primary reason for weakening the bone structures. Why? Because menopause will eat up the bone density, making the bones frailer and prone to illness. Thus, women can take calcium supplements starting at an early age, have a good physical exercise schedule and be more careful about what they eat. By doing so, they will develop stronger bones to cope with the inevitable menopause and increased arthritis risks.

Also, over time, certain remedies and pain relieving methods were used to help an arthritis sufferer to deal with the pains caused by the disease. It is well-known the fact that arthritis can make people predict the weather. It is because affected joints are more sensitive to the increase in the air humidity and atmospheric pressure, which is often related to rain occurrence. Certain geographical location can also have an influence over the way arthritis manifest. Living in environments with a more humid air can make the symptoms harder to bear. Traditional pain relieving methods, like taking a warm bath or using warm bandeaus were used to relieve pain in the joints.  Also, a number of herbs, prepared as teas, can also help reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Ginger, green tea, aloe vera, eucalyptus, they are known to help out when you feel you are endangered to be affected by this unforgiving disease.

Don’t ignore your diet also. Certain foods contain vitamins and minerals that can keep your body away from the disease. For instance, the omega-3 fatty acids are great when it comes to reducing any inflammation. You can get it by consuming any fish, sunflower, flax seeds and corn. Broccoli and its cousins the cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts are also great for prevention. Calcium and especially Vitamin D are essential for healthy bones. So eat cheese, of any type, and consume milk and yogurt.

If you want to know more about arthritis, Bathing Solutions have created an infographic showing 10 interesting and surprising facts about arthritis.



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