How to Choose Your Sexy Black Dress


 Every woman knows she needs a little black dress. Designed to be sexy but coy, lively but muted, a good black dress can work for many occasions. But while every woman needs a sexy black dress, not all sexy black dresses work for every woman. How do you choose the right little black dress for you? Here is your complete guide.

First, Consider Your Figure

Every woman has a beautiful body, each in its own way. But we also know that we all have some aspect of our figure that we aren’t happy with; it might be the waist, the hips, the shoulder or the legs. The key to choosing your sexy black dress—or any dress—is to find a cut that nicely complements your best features, while drawing attention away from your less favorite areas. Which variety of dress this is depends on your body type.

Women with small hips, but large shoulders—also known as an “apple” body type—can change their look by choosing the right collar. An open collar will draw the eye to the middle of your upper body, in the neck and chest area, away from the shoulders. Women with the opposite shape, a “pear” body, should instead go with a swing style dress that emboldens the shoulders while creating a strong line to the hips. Last, women who are equally wide in the shoulders and waist can take advantage of their body type by wearing a flowing straight form dress that does not rely on an hourglass shape to work.

There are some special cases. For example, women with very round bodies or those with tummies can draw attention away from their figure with solid prints and deep necklines, plus accessories like scarves, shawls, or flashy necklaces that bring attention toward the top of the body. Women with the opposite (very thin and petite figures) have many options, but will often look best in a loose flowing dress that hangs straight down from the shoulders, contrasting with their natural slimness.

Remember, any style of dress looks best when it fits well and always beware a tight fit in the tummy regardless of what body type you have.

Consider the Occasion

Once you know the basic cut of dress you want to work with, think about the sorts of occasions you plan to wear it to. Sexy black dresses are more versatile than ever before, but there are still directions you can go in that are far too casual or sexy for a work event or a night out with family, and you’ll want to bear this in mind. If you plan to go clubbing in your little black dress, then more leg is fine; if you want to show up at the company party in it, then you should stop that dress just below the knee. Remember, a more modest dress can be made sexy, but a more revealing dress is hard to make professional.

Consider Accessories

Finally, accessorize. Yes, you do need to choose accessories to work with your dress—or the dress to work with the accessories you have in mind. Since you’re wearing black, opt for nude or tan colored hose to provide some natural-looking color. As far as jewelry goes, consider pieces that contrast with your dress. Chunky pieces are great for dresses with simple cuts and few details. Remember that sequins are jewelry unto themselves and any additional accessories with a sequin dress need to be small and understated. Also, if it complements the dress, you can always use brightly-colored pieces to liven up the outfit as a whole. And don’t forget to invest in a good clutch!

What is your favorite sexy black dress? What did you wear with it?


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