5 gift ideas for dancing families this Christmas

With all the joy and happiness that Christmas brings, the struggle of finding the right presents for everyone can sometimes dampen the mood and stress you out; you should really be beaming from ear to ear at the prospect of the festivities.

You can be faced with a wide variety of different kinds of people who you have to buy for; mums and dads, nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters and many more, making the process of finding the right gift for everyone even harder. One of the best ways to approach the task is to think of the receivers’ hobbies and personality traits and find a gift that matches that suitably.

Here are the top five presents you can get for your dance orientated family member or friend;

A new leotard

If you are a dancer (or have a close relationship with one) you will know that when it comes to dancing attire, comfort and functionality are a must.

Body hugging leotards are a favourite amongst a large number of dancers so what better present then than a brand new Move Dancewear leotard? With a range of colours, sizes and designs available there is sure to be something suitable for everyone and every kind of dancer.  The comfortable, high quality leotards are perfect for any style of dance and are sure to have the receiver prancing around in their new leotard before you can say “Break a leg!”


Tickets to the Royal Opera House

Regardless of the style of dance they practise, your loved one will love a trip to the Royal Opera House to get the chance to witness these amazing professionals in action. Tickets to the Royal Opera House and shows like Black Swan especially, will go down a treat amongst dancers keen to witness dance in this iconic and historic venue.

Of course, tickets to see ballet might not be for everyone so you can also go with buying tickets to seeing ballroom, tango or tap dancing as another option. You could also choose to look into other less dance-centric shows as they are sure to also go down a treat with anyone who loves to perform.

Alternate dance lessons

Being a dancer means that you likely have one, two maybe even three types of dance that are your favourites and that you practise the most.

Trying new things is normally an enjoyable experience and a nice idea is to buy “taster” lessons for a dance that the person does not normally practise; think street dancing for ballet minded dancers, ballet for ballroom dancers and ballroom dancing for tap dancers. There are a number of different dance styles out there that you can try, so why not let them try something new today?

A Ballroom dance school. Munich, Germany

The best dance films

There have been a number of great dancing movies that have graced our cinema and TV screens throughout recent years that have been loved by both dancers and non-dancers alike. By gifting them one of the many excellent dance films that have been released, you can create a whole dance themed party complete with party rings and dance-offs. Or why not opt for a theatre show such as Dirty Dancing? For extra brownie points look into what kind of films they like and dance style they prefer to really choose the perfect film.

A relaxing foot bath

Dancing can be a tiring activity (as I’m sure many of us know) and like with any form of exercise, ensuring you cool down and relax sufficiently afterwards is a must. With the majority of the workout being focused on the feet and legs, these parts of the body can obviously become sore and start aching after dancing. A foot bath is a great way to give your feet the tender love and care they need after you have finish dancing, helping to ensure they are pain-free and always ready for more dancing. Booking the dancer in for a massage is also a great way to look after and relax their legs and feet and help reduce the build-up of tension and stress.


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