6 ways to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule


We all have busy schedules to contend with, but you’re determined to squeeze in your gym time one way or another.

Whilst it can be easy to skip it (maybe the prospect of a night in front of the telly is more appealing), this is a slippery slope you’re not to head down! One missed gym sesh could lead to the second, third, fourth then before you know it, sixtieth. Your membership is wasted and you’re careering towards Christmas (and that massive turkey) headfirst without a buffer.

It isn’t all doom and gloom. You can adapt your workout to a busier schedule AND keep it, quite easily actually. You just need the knowhow. And here it is:

Get organised

Firstly, make a timetable of your week and all the available time you can exercise AND still have that relaxed downtime. You don’t want to be completely focused on work and exercise without treating yourself to some well-deserved downtime. Writing this down will make everything clearer too.

In terms of a timeframe, this doesn’t need to be a full hour either. Half an hour and even twenty minutes is a decent amount of time to get yourself moving but what are the ways in which you can optimise this time?

Get yourself a personal trainer who will know your objectives and timeframe from the off, and will most importantly, know exactly how to make the most from your restrictive schedule. The experts at Live Fit create regimes based on the individual, and will be able to give you tips on exercising whether it’s on the commute or sat at your desk.


Get suited

Investing in your exercise regime will help you to commit longer, and will look like you mean business too!

Structural clothing will help but it is extremely important to wear the correct trainers. There are specific trainers for pretty much every sport and fitness, but you can get those that cover a bit of everything too. For general workouts and running purposes, you’re looking for an extremely stable trainer especially if you have low to normal arches for great support and cushioning. Lightweight and slightly narrower to shape your feet perfectly and can adjust for complete motion control.

Tips and Tricks

The Commute

This is an optimum time to exercise, to and from.

If you’re in the big city, there’s nothing worse than the commute. Using it as an opportunity to escape and exercise and you’ll find you will start looking forward to an aspect of your day you usually dread so much.

Depending on your journey, a number of options might be viable:

Running – can be done pretty much everywhere. Stick in your music and you’re away. Just watch out for the roads.

Cycling – can be a dangerous concept in big cities. Many cyclists have a perpetual look of fear on their faces, and for a good reason. However, you just need to keep your wits about you at all times and you’ll find it’s not all bad at all. Also, what about using our amazing cycle network? Sustrans allows you to navigate through the UK without the hassle of traffic.


The Literal Work Out

Do your exercise whilst at work. From taking the stairs instead of the lift to tensing your abdominal at the desk, you’ll be surprised how much this makes a difference.

Have you also thought about bringing your equipment to the office too? Of course, there’s a limit here (carrying along your exercise bike MIGHT be considered distracting), having some of your small pieces of equipment in the office can really help. For example, your stability can be used to improve posture and work the core abdominal muscles whilst it’s so simple to store a range of dumbbells weights. We all need the odd break in work and your fitness regime could release pent up energy and keep you feeling bright.

Any excuse for a squat

Have you ever been wondering around your house with nothing to do or waiting for some water to boil in a pan? Of course! We all have.

Even this time can be spent exercising, especially in the safety of our own home. Next time you’re waiting for the water to boil, try some squats and lunges to make the most of time. If anything, you’ll make the time quicker and yourself a bit hungrier.

The Movie Marathon Reworked

If you love films and can think of nothing better on a Saturday night than staying in with a new boxsets, use this as a way to get active obviously! Not only are you not being a couch potato, but everyone likes snacks with a film marathon so you’re cutting down on those fatty snacks too.

One way involves moving equipment. If you have an exercise bike or cross trainer, transport into the corner of your living room. Even when the soaps are on, you can do a bit of exercise. As well as cardio, it’s also the core exercises you can do, and even easier too. Push-ups, squats and weights are so easy to do.



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