London’s Fashion Hotspots


Chances are that any fashionista heading to London has done some research on the best places to make a beeline for, but I couldn’t help but choose a few of my favourites to help my fellow fashion lovers on their way. According to HouseTrip’s Where to Stay Guide, there are umpteen fashion hotspots in London ranging from the edgy scene in Camden to the glamour of Chelsea, but here are a few personal favourites.

For anybody who has a love of men’s tailoring, head over to Savile Row in Mayfair. I mean, who doesn’t love a man in a suit?! This iconic street has been home to world famous tailors for hundreds of years, and continues to be London’s acting host to some of the main players in menswear, namely Gieves & Hawkes, William Hunt and Savile Row Co. Depending on when you’re going, keep an eye on the London Collections events, as there have been many a fashion exhibit behind Savile Row’s elegant walls.

Next on the agenda has to be Portobello Market in Kensington, but don’t let the posh postcode fool you. Portobello is a treasure trove for shoppers with a keen eye and solid bargaining skills. Think the beard scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian, and you’re pretty much there. There are over one thousand vendors selling clothes, jewellery, antiques and collectables in their millions. An awe-inspiring way to spend a few hours in London town.

Already aforementioned in HouseTrip’s London guide, one of the best places for fashion lovers is Camden Lock Market. There’s a stunning array of vendors selling everything from original one of a kind pieces (who knows, they could be famous one day) to basement vintage shops stretching out for what feels like miles in the form of dated goodies. And if that isn’t enough for you, the food vendors at Camden Market will give you enough free tasters to create a whole deliciously international meal, meaning more money to spend on clothes! Hooray!

Last but certainly not least, the well-renowned Oxford Street and Regent Street, the holy grail’s of London high street fashion. Sprawled across the extensive shopping scene of Fitzrovia, this is the place to find all your high street favourites, from Topshop to Primark. Dangerous for your purse, but absolutely mouth-watering in terms of finding those staple pieces to define your season attire.

So save up your pennies, because next time you head to London you can guarantee you be finding a multitude of fashion pieces that you just can’t leave behind.



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