How to Dress Your Man Like a Star


The best way to dress your man like a star is to help him find clothes that suit his personality and his physique. With the right cut and personalized style, he will look like a million bucks! The following ten suggestions, from finding clothes that fit… to choosing the right accessories, will get you and your guy on the road to fashion success.

1 – Clothes that Fit

Many men wear poorly cut clothes. Regardless of the quality and design, if clothes don’t fit properly they won’t look good. Shirts and pants need to hug the lines of his body without being too tight. Casual doesn’t mean tasteless, not when the cut makes the most of his build.

2 – Simple and Classic

Classic looks never go out of style. Help your man dress like a star without over doing it. One tip is not to wear more than three different colors. Up-to-date styles from online stores such as yd provide great clothing selections.

3 – Details and Balance

Details can make or break the look, and your guy’s look needs to be well balanced on top and bottom. A lightweight sweater balances with medium weight slacks. A bulky fisherman’s knit, on the other hand, usually goes best with heavy denim jeans or durable cargos.

4 – Shop Together

Shop together, either online or in your favorite men’s stores. Don’t overdo it though… choose one or two stores and make it a date. When you shop with your man, give him honest feedback. Start with the basics and build up from there.

5 – Take Safe Risks

Take a few risks. Once you know the types of clothing he’ll need for his wardrobe, bring it up a notch. He’ll stand out like a celebrity when he’s slightly overdressed for the occasion; just remember not to overdo it!

6 – Invest in Quality Shoes

Quality shoes are worth the investment. This is where a lot of guys fall short. A pair of Oxford shoes, for example, will last and hold up to the test of time. People will notice and your guy will shine!

7 – Avoid Fads

Your man can be trendy without getting caught up in the latest craze. Once again, classic styles with a contemporary twist can weather the seasons. Well-designed versatile clothing will provide the basis for a wardrobe that will remain fashionable and save you money.

8 – Forget Brand Names

Brand names aren’t always recommended. Often you’ll find yourself paying extra just for the name. Instead, look for clothing that is well made, beautifully cut, and maintains its appearance without wearing out.

9 – A Great Haircut

Never underestimate the importance of a good haircut and trim. Whether he sports a beard or mustache… a well groomed man always looks good!

10 – Add the Right Accessories

Help him develop an image that matches his personality. The right accessories will add finesse to traditional looks. Not only will your man be on the road to style success, he’ll stand out like the superstar he is!



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