Fashion forward interior design for summer 2014

I always love updating my home with the new interior design trends. A beautifully designed home always has the right affect! Your office becomes that much more productive, your bedroom becomes the ultimate space to relax and you unleash your inner culinary genius with a shiny new kitchen area.

Interior design can be very similar to clothes fashion. Whilst you’re not going to stroll around with a lampshade as a hat, I’m talking about the colour schemes being much lighter and the fabrics airy yet luxurious. These are the basic rules to spring summer interior design, but what is different 2014? Here are the top trends you can achieve as easy as 1-2-3:


Modern Stand-Out Lighting

Rather than treating your lighting as a necessity, you can transform it into a stand out feature of the room. This not only refills your lighting needs but sorts out the issue of redecorating an entire room too. Designer lighting is a great option as it’s often timeless and durable too. LampCommerce designer lamps are a great option and contain all the top brands as well as some really striking designs. Also remember to choose options that best suit your existing furnishings to create an instant impact, and one’s with plenty of decent light get brighten up any rainy day.

Pretty Pastels

Pastel colours are the embodiment of spring and summer. A soft airy colour palette puts you in the ultimate cheery mood. Rather than opting for one colour, make a bolder statement with these soft hues. An understated and quirky impact, I find the best way to incorporate a number of colours into a room is picking one primary hue and adding touches of various others. For example, in your bedroom, why not try mint green bedding and freshen up your furnishings too then add some candyfloss pink and lemon cushions with the finishing touches in eggshell blue.

Great Geometry

Head back to maths class with some formulated shapes and striking tones. This style isn’t for the faint-hearted with the bold shapes and intricate patterns, it really makes a string impression. One way to incorporate this striking style into any room of your home is to focus on good old fashioned wallpaper. Rather than overpowering the whole room with such designs, opt for just one wall and team with matching accessories.



If you’re happy with your overall layout in every room but still wish to revamp ever so slightly, then a touch of timber will work wonders. This especially works in homes that are initially very minimal, and timber is even a good mix with futuristic metallic elements. For example, I love the idea of using your bed as a focal point. If you have a spacious bathroom, why not consider using it in there too?

Tropical Treat

As well as light and refreshing pastel colours, summer is the perfect time to embrace the sunshine and any appending holidays that you’ve booked. You can incorporate this into your home too for a proper festival atmosphere. This trend obviously embraces nature with large tropical palms and fruity shades inspired by your favourite cocktails, but there can also be a deeper meaning too. Why not decorate using mementos you’ve picked up on your previous travels to really give your rooms a personal touch?


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