4 Watches for 4 Character Types

Watches are indicative of the people they adorn.  Regardless of whether a watch turns into a little robot (I was the coolest kid at school when I was 5) or shoots lasers like James Bond, they can still be used to tell time.  But, they are also so much more.  After all, what is the point of telling time if you cannot chime it out like Big Ben?



While Omega may not have the worldwide recognition of its competitor, Rolex, it boasts a far more spectacular lineage.  Omega watches are known for their precision and durability, especially the Omega Speedmaster Professional.  They are a luxury brand not for the status seekers.  Rather, Omega’s are for the real men who make decision that affect life and death.  It is the brand of powerful men.  If you are seated next to someone wearing one, you are at the big boys table.  That timepiece belongs to American presidents and British princes alike, and even favored by 007 himself.  However, more telling is the fact that Omega’s were, and are, the only trusted watches to be taken to the moon.


Pocket Watch

The pocket watch is iconic.  For centuries, it was the standard.  Today, the watch is mainly used by hipsters, train conductors, and psychotherapists.  In today’s busy world, one can hardly be pressed to pull a watch from their pocket and open the case just to tell the time.  Unless it is a Patek Philippe: an iconic watch from an iconic watchmaker.  If the wearer has an opulent chain then they are just showing off.  But, if their Patek Philippe is modestly adorned, the wearer is cool under pressure, mentally collected, and, above all, iconic.



What can anyone say about Rolex that counterfeiters the world over have not done so already?  More likely than not, one brandishes a Rolex so that everyone knows they have a Rolex.  It is a status symbol.  Certainly, they are quality watches, but the name has eclipsed their utility.  The wearer plays golf with tycoons and rap stars.  Time does not matter, those pesky minute and hour hands only get in the way of the name on the face of the watch.  Nonetheless, Rolex’s are a trusted brand, with a great history (see the Great Escape) and are deserving of their reputation.



The International Watch Company was created in the mid-1800s with the idea of fusing Swiss craftsmanship with American engineering technology.  Today, IWC crafts high end timepieces for people who actually want a watch.  Who buys an IWC?  The philosophers.  They think about what a watch actually means.  The wearer desires the safety of knowing that when they cease thinking, time will march on: a timepiece for the end of time.

There is a watch for everyone.  Some opt for clocks around our necks; some for one that turns into a robot. If you are an over protective parent, you might want to see this. Many others will be content to rely on their satellite adjusted mobile phone for the time.  But, to many, their watch is one item they carry with them on a daily basis.  Look at your wrist, or in your pocket.  What does your timepiece say about you?  If you are looking for a new watch, what do you want it to say about who you are?



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