New Trend Alert: Pool Sliders

What I like most about pool sliders is that they can be worn with literally everything – the more sophisticated your clothes the better. It goes without saying it’s hard to find a better match for a simple tee+jeans combination as well. Last year I was excited about the Birkenstocks, but this year they might look a bit boring given all the awesome choices in the stores, and below is just a small portion. How do you guys feel about the ugly shoes being the new best thing?

adidas_pool_sliders_fashion_blog_outfit adidas_pool_sliders_how_to_wear birkenstock_trend_street_style_outfit birkenstock_vacation_outfit_ideasI_sliders birkenstocks_summer_trend_outfit_street_style_editorial chloe_sliders_inspiration_street_style chloe_zara_sliders_outfit givenchy_sliders_outfit_street_Style how_to_wear_birkenstocks_outit outfit_ideas_pool_sliders_summer_2014 pool_slider_fashion_blog_blogger_outfit_look_of_the _day pool_sliders_summer_2014_fashion_trend pool_slidertrend_street_style_outfit_bloggers sliders_inspiration_street_style_outfit sliders_summer_2014_shoe_trend_style street_style_brkenstock_sliders_bloggers street_style_pool_slider_birkenstock_outfit_bloggers street_style_pool_sliders_flat_sandals summer_2014_shoes_birkenstocks_pool_sliders_how_to_wear_blogger_style summer_2014_trends_pool_sliders summer_outfit_ideas_pool_sliders zara_sliders_look_of_the_day_fashion zara_sliders_outfit


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