Professional Design with a Personalized Touch


Whether you’re looking to draw attention to services or products, organizing a large business or community event, or just celebrating an extra-special occasion, investing in eye-catching banners and signs can be invaluable. Customized signs can direct foot or auto traffic to venues and business locations, publicize events and festivities, or help new businesses to create a local street presence and fashion their brand.

Custom Signage for Custom Projects

There are innumerable uses for fun and effective signs, posters, or banners. The many customizable options available makes it easy to find the best fit for small or large projects. In addition to major events and advertising strategies for businesses, they can be employed in schools, used for sporting events and fundraisers, assist in real estate markets, or can be used by private individuals with items for sale or an important occasion to celebrate:

– Fundraisers

– Real estate for sale, rent or lease

– Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings

– Holidays

– Grand openings, “now hiring” signs

– Property and garage sales


Color, material, size, location, and the scale of your project or event occasion will all be important considerations when choosing what type of visual advertisement will be most effective. Small signs are perfect for carrying or holding, and can also be mounted indoors in a window or other location. Slightly larger displays or posters, between two to six feet long, can easily be placed in a yard or hung across a fence. Large banners can be spread over streets, drives, or overpasses, or hung across storefronts and the sides of buildings, for maximum visibility. Extra-large custom banners are ideal for large sporting events held at fields or arenas.

Wizards and Templates

If you already have a fairly good idea of what you’re looking for and you would like to streamline the process of designing and producing your custom signage, there are a number of services available online that employ design wizards and templates. Instead of starting completely from scratch, you can browse template models to get an idea of exactly what kind of display will be most effective for your specific needs.

Often design services will let customers choose the level of customization they prefer, whether they’d like to find a quick and easy ready-made template for more common applications, or would prefer to personalize the layout, font, color, or language. Online wizards can also help you to choose the best material for the job, whether it’s vinyl, corrugated plastic, aluminum, PVC or even magnetic materials.

Finding a Local, Quality Sign and Banner Service

Some design services use their own warehouse facilities to mass produce signs and deliver them to clients around the nation. However, there are also businesses that handle the design details, and then work with local sign shops for actual production. Working with a design group that partners with neighborhood businesses can ensure that you will be getting a quality, hand-made product. Local professionals can also provide expert advice on relevant city ordinances and local signage laws.

Whether you have a small project or are planning a major event, you will want to make sure that you get your order in as early as possible. While most businesses will probably be able to have projects handled within a week or so, the actual time will largely depend on size, complexity, and custom design requirements. Working with a knowledgeable team is a great way to guarantee that you will have the most effective display for your target audience, whether that is personal or professional.


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