How to Save Money on Your Home Energy Bills

Save money on power bill pic

Home energy prices have been rising rapidly in recent years, but there are a number of ways in which you can cut the cost of your gas and electricity. Here are five tips to help you to make savings.

Find out where your money is going

You can now buy energy monitors fairly cheaply so you can keep track of your overall energy consumption and carry out experiments to see whether any particular appliances within your home are using more than you thought. If one if your appliances is a real energy-guzzler, it may be worth upgrading to an energy-saving model.

Opt for energy-saving appliances

If you’re thinking about buying a new electrical appliance, such as a fridge, freezer or television, make sure that you opt for an energy-efficient model. Electrical appliances sold within European Union countries have stickers on them showing the energy ratings that they have been awarded. These ratings range between A+++, for the most energy-efficient appliances, and D for the least energy-efficient appliances.

Turn off appliances when they aren’t in use

One of the simplest ways in which to reduce your home energy consumption is to switch appliances and lights off when you’re not using them. It’s easy to forget to switch off the light when you leave a room or to leave your phone or laptop plugged in, but getting into the habit of turning things off could help you to save money. 

Try not to leave electrical equipment in standby mode either. Although appliances use less energy in standby mode than they do when they are switched on, they still consume energy and therefore cost you money whilst they aren’t in use.

Insulate and draught-proof your home

A significant portion of your energy bill is likely to be due to the costs involved with heating your home and, if your house isn’t insulated, you could be wasting money, as some of the heat produced by your radiators and heaters may be being lost through your walls or roof.  Whilst insulating your home may seem expensive, doing so should reduce your energy bills in the long-run.

Consider getting your loft, walls and floors insulated. If you have old doors or windows, take action to draught-proof them or replace them. If you’re replacing your windows, opt for double or triple-glazed windows, as these will keep the heat in more effectively that single-glazed windows.

Reduce your water consumption

You might be surprised to learn that reducing your water usage could also help you to save energy and, as a result, money.  Heating water costs more than you may think, so by using less hot water, you could lower your home energy bills. Making sure that none of your taps drip, taking a shower rather than a bath, changing your shower head to a water-efficient model and using cold water rather than hot when possible can all help to reduce your energy costs.

By following these simple tips, you could reduce the amount that you’re spending on gas and electricity, and free up some cash to spend on other things.



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