Fun Inflatables For Your Kids Party


When you think of a children’s party, you think sweets, games, gifts, entertainment and maybe even some fancy dress. A common source of entertainment at a children’s party can be some form of fun inflatable. These can provide hours of endless entertainment at any event in fact, from christenings to weddings to adult parties! A clown can only keep children amused for so long, hence parents find that inflatable games can provide a much more cost effective and hassle free source of entertainment. There are several options to choose from, some of the most popular choices include:

  1. Bouncy Castle

The most popular choice is definitely the bouncy castle. These can come in various different themes to match your child’s favourite TV or film characters or their favourite sports team. They can vary in size, so you can hire a bouncy castle to facilitate for whatever number of children will be attending the party. There are even bouncy castles available for hire which are small enough to facilitate babies and toddlers. Some may even have slides attached for additional fun.

  1. Bungee Run

A great fun inflatable option is the bungee run. Divide the children up into teams and allow them to compete against each other as they try to out run each other along the lanes of the bungee run while attached to a flexible rope. This game is probably more suitable for older children, who are too “cool” for the bouncy castle. It offers a fun and challenging source of entertainment

  1. Rodeo Bull

Allow your children to hop aboard the rodeo bull and challenge each other to see who can stay on the longest. Should they fall off, they do so on an inflated floor below, allowing them to bounce back up, dust their shoulders off and go again. Rodeo bulls are a form of entertainment which frequently appear in children’s movies. Kids have been watching this kind of game for years on TV, and some are desperate to have a try. Whenever a rodeo bull is unveiled at a party, children are delighted and are quick to form a queue to have a try.

  1. Bouncy Slides

Children play for hours upon hours on the bouncy slides. There are numerous heights which can be hired allowing you to hire a bouncy slide to suit any age range of children and any sized garden space. Most bouncy slides offer  a couple of avenues for children to slide down, meaning that several children can have a go on the slide at any given time. If it’s Summer time, enquire about hiring a bouncy water slide.

  1. Obstacle Courses

Hours of entertainment can be guaranteed by hiring an inflatable obstacle course for your kids party.  An obstacle course can offer fun challenges for children of all ages and offer more variety than a bouncy castle. Children are guaranteed to never get bored as the obstacle course provides so many avenues and play areas. You can run a challenge at the party with prizes for the winners too to make the game a little more exciting.



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