Tips for Styling Baseball Caps for Girls and Guys

rapper hat

Nothing beats a day at the ballpark: watching your favourite team, indulging in artery-clogging snacks, and enjoying a few cold ones with friends. When it comes to sports, one item is unifying between players, fans, owners, sartorialists, and celebrities – the baseball cap. Baseball caps hats have transcended from sportswear to every-day fashion. And there is certainly no better way to show support of a team, or even where you’re from. So how exactly do you jump on the baseball cap bandwagon? There are some tips:


Perhaps the most important when shopping for baseball caps hats, or a hat of any description, is finding one that fits your head. It looks like the trend today is wearing hats which are several sizes too big – not only is this not practical, but you can also kind of look like an idiot. There, I said it. Not only does wearing ill-fitting hats make you look silly, but they’re actually designed for particular sizing. Try a few on, learn what shape head you have – your cap will look much better for it, I can promise!

How Do I Wear It?

Some women were born with the ability of throwing together an outfit and having the end result look model-effortless. But then there are the rest of us, the majority of us – for whom wearing a cap is a fashion commitment. Whether you’re a major league baseball aficionado or you really just want to impress your boyfriend, incorporating a baseball cap into your wardrobe is a must! Remember, they even help bad hair days! For the athlete, you go ahead and rock that classic cap, but if you’re wanting a more feminine look, go for the traditional style of hat but in different patterns and materials: wool, leather and tartan, floral, printed or jewelled. Team your baseball caps hats with a leather skirt, boots and lipstick for a pulled-together look.

If you’re looking for great ways to style baseball caps & hats, then you could check out fashion bloggers or style websites like Here, people post images of their outfits, and you’ll see lots of ideas for styling your cap!

Which way?

Always, always wear your baseball cap facing front. We are happy to announce that unless you are 15, the 90’s trend of wearing your hat backwards is officially over! Also, as silly as it may sound, unless you are actually going to a ballgame – avoid wearing your baseball cap with other sports gear. The coolness of the cap is that it is unexpected and can be paired with everything from distressed jeans and a t-shirt to a pant suit.



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