Packing the Perfect Weekender Bag is Possible With These Tips

If you have an upcoming weekend getaway planned either for business or pleasure, you may be wondering how and what to pack in order to make your short trip comfortable and stylish. Fortunately, packing the perfect weekender bag doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow the four tips below to help you acquire skills for packing essential items. This will ensure you travel in style and make the most of your short getaway.

Select the Right Luggage

Choosing the perfect luggage for a weekend trip will make your packing job easier. Look for the four characteristics in your luggage:

– Compartments – utilizing compartments to sort your items will make packing much simpler. Choose luggage that allows you to sort your items by clothing, toiletries, and more.

– Light Fabric – a lighter fabric, such as cotton twill, is ideal for a quick weekend getaway.

– Simplicity – select luggage that does not have wheels. Remember that you are only going away for the weekend, not for a week or more.

– Technology – look for compression vents in your luggage. These vents remove excess air and maximize space inside.

Have a Plan

When packing your clothing items be sure to pack pieces that feel and look best on you. A weekend getaway is not the best time to be trying out a new style of clothing. Packing for a weekend is all about packing light. One simple way to plan your weekend wardrobe is to have a color theme. By sticking to a color theme you can maximize the potential usability of each piece of clothing.

Another way to plan your wardrobe is to select versatile clothing items. A blazer, for example, is useful in both formal and casual circumstances.

A third way to strategize when packing is to stick with your favorites. Pack the articles of clothing that you like best and that you feel comfortable in. This will ensure you can focus on enjoying the trip, rather than worrying about what you look like.

Pack Specific Pieces of Clothing

Once you have a strategy in mind, you may wonder exactly what articles of clothing you should pack. Here are some basic suggestions for clothing essentials you should probably include:

– Suit

– Pants

– Shorts

– Golf shirt

– Dress shirt

– Jacket

– Loafers

– Swim suit

When packing, keep your location and events in mind to ensure you select the appropriate clothing.

Additional Advice

If you haven’t already taken advantage of using packing cubes, consider using them for your weekend getaway. Packing cubes are beneficial because they separate items in your luggage and allow you to maximize space in a limited area. Using packing cubes in your bag provides you with sufficient room to pack all the essential items you need for a stylish and comfortable trip.

For men, consider packing several ties instead of numerous shirts. By having a good selection of ties, you will appear to have a good variety of outfits without the bulk of packing a lot of clothes.

A final tip when trying to pack the perfect weekender bag is to leave some room in your luggage. Shopping while on vacation is simply essential. Therefore, it is critical that you leave some space in your luggage for that special memento or two that you want to bring home.

To get a more visual idea of packing a perfect weekend bag, check out the infographic below:



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