Trust Coralville Formalwear for Special Events


Planning for a special event is exciting. Organizers get to choose decorations, flowers, music, and invitations, and though the process is tiring, the end result is rewarding. Many men even enjoy choosing clothes to wear, although food is probably what they look forward to most. Or maybe they eagerly anticipate seeing a date, spouse, or good friend dressed in a stunning gown for the first time.

Sophisticated Attire

Certain special events are not glamorous, but are important. Women will not be dressed in gowns so much as professional dresses and sensible heels. Examples are conventions and concerts. Male counterparts don suits and ties but not tuxedos and waistcoats. Though there is less pomp to one of these functions, not every man owns a suit he can wear and feel stylish in. Renting is a helpful option.

A Selection of Coralville Formalwear

Coralville Iowa supplies more than 2,000 guest beds at various hotels and motels plus 90 meeting rooms and a convention center. Residents and visitors arrive for family reunions, weddings, award banquets, charity dinners, professional events, and concerts. Rather than renting a suit and flying or driving to Coralville with it from Des Moines or Cedar Rapids, guests would be more sensible to call ahead of time and hire one in town from a tuxedo and suit rental facility, such as Skeffington’s. Establishments like this one list a huge selection of suits and tuxedos for evening and daytime wear; for outdoors and indoors functions. They include styles suitable for twenty-something patrons, eighteen year-olds, and mature clients.

Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Red Sleeve, and Michael Kors design expensive, quality suits and tuxedos. Claiborne, Savvi Black Label, and Jean Yves produce their versions too. Coats are long or regular length; feature regular or short collars; come with contrast trim; and are sometimes created without buttons.

Colors like ivory, white, black, tan, and grey suit the season and the type of gathering such as a wedding or prom. How does a man select a color for his suit or tux, and also for the accessories that complement it?

Coordinated Colors

If a man will be attending an event with his girlfriend or wife, he might decide that color compatibility matters. This is not always the case; confident couples are unconcerned about wearing matching outfits. At a wedding, however, wedding party outfits are typically planned by color. Members of the groom’s party match members of the bridal party. The bride in one shade and one or several dress styles, or one dress style and several shades select their color and tone. Each usher and the best man must match a corresponding outfit.

Consultants at a Coralville formalwear shop understand what you need and why it is important. Show them the color chosen by your corresponding bridesmaid. If you know who designed her gown, you could also produce this detail online or when you visit the shop. Names on their list include Jordan, Jim Hjelm, Mori Lee, and Vera Wang. For out-of-town renters it is wonderful to have the online option. You can submit measurements this way too.


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