Find the Temecula Tuxedo Rental Shop that Fits Your Needs


You have found your one and only. Now you have to find a tuxedo. Your boss has invited you to a night at the opera. These events require formal wear.

Occasions for wearing a tuxedo or a formal suit typically are few and far between, but by their very nature, they are important. Making the right impression, then, is vital. Since they are so rare, you may be unfamiliar with how to go about renting a tux that will make you look stylish and not completely out of your element. There are some standard rules you can follow to make the experience a lot less intimidating.

First, find a Temecula tuxedo rental shop that you can trust to have the tux ready for you on time and fitted for your shape. Tuxedo rental places, like, are readily available, so visit websites and ask your friends for recommendations concerning prices and customer service. Being able to work with the rental staff is key, since you will likely need help choosing a style that is right for you and the occasion and then have it fitted correctly. They should be friendly, outgoing, and willing to work with you should there be errors or the event is rescheduled.

While you are looking for a Temecula tuxedo rental location that you are comfortable with, you may want to see if they have multiple locations. If you are planning a wedding with several groomsmen, this will make it easier for them to be fitted. Or find one that will do fittings from measurements because you will want all the men in the wedding to sport a similar look.

When you have settled on a tux rental location, you will want to visit the shop about two months before the event for a fitting. The sales staff should measure around your chest, with and without the width of the arms; your waist at the height of your belt; around your hips to include your bottom; your neck size; and sleeve length from the center of your back.

When choosing a style, consider the event and the color of the gown you may want to complement. Also choose one that fits well with your body type. Typically, heavier men or those with broad chests will present well in double-breasted jackets with wide lapels. Shorter men may want a cropped jacket that will lengthen their appearance. If you select a vest and plan on going without your jacket at any point during the event, opt for a full vest with a back that is the same material as the vest front so you will always look appropriate and not too informal.

A final fitting should be scheduled about a week before the occasion takes place. There may need to be some tucking needed or a sleeve lengthened for the best in appearance and comfort. Alterations are included in the rental price. Then you will want to go over the proper way to wear the tux to take any mystery out of the tie, buttons, cummerbunds, cuff links, and such.

You will have paid the rental when you picked up the tuxedo. Just make sure to return it the day following the event unless you made prior arrangements. No cleaning is necessary, but there may be a fee if there is damage to the garment.


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