Craft Ideas for Artificial Grass


Been having a field day with artificial grass? Why not use it’s true to life versatility to create something original and imaginative.

Everyone has seen artificial grass in gardens and laid out over vast sports surfaces but did you know that it could be just as easily used on small-scale arts and crafts projects. This artificial grass is preserved with fine details and astounding flexibility, which makes it easy to be added to any project using several different methods.

Recycling awareness has grown considerably over the last few decades and projects such as these are a great way to make use of leftover turf which you don’t want to see go to waste.

Outdoor Seating
Recycle old tyres and add some artificial turf and some legs and you have great little seats for outdoor use!
You could also try making creative looking seat covers and pillows for outdoor seating areas.

Keep your house free of dirt and debris with an artificial grass doormat. Our turf is durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear and the blades trap dirt particles when stepped on. Plus you can make a fake grass doormat it any shape you want!

Use artificial grass for grass placemats, table runners or coasters.

Green Flip-flops
Feel the satisfying crisp feel of fresh grass beneath your feet with this innovative alternative!

Children’s Dollhouse

Add a touch of nature to a children’s dollhouse with a realistic looking grass garden!


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