Top interior designer tips you can incorporate in your own home


 Many homeowners believe that they need to have a huge budget in place when it comes to applying a number of top interior designer tips to their homes. This is far from the case and if you’re willing to put in a little work, you can achieve similar results for a fraction of the price.

Create a feature wall

If you have your eye on some designer wallpaper but feel the pricetag is out of your range, solve this problem by decorating just the one wall. An entire room requires a great deal of wallpaper and work. A feature wall on the other hand can be completed in a day and costs up to three times less. If the wallpaper in question boasts an extremely intricate design, this interior tip can actually work in your favour. Having too many colours and patterns in one room can create a cluttered effect.

Feng Shui 

Positioning your furniture in a certain way will not only help you to promote the good energy in your room, it will also have the effect of making the room look bigger than it actually is. Another interior designer tip that is designed to overcome the problems associated with small spaces is to invest in a large mirror. Good positioning of a mirror will create the illusion of a larger space. When hanging a mirror, it’s important to place it somewhere where it is able to reflect the light – this technique will instantly brighten up the entire room. Another tip involves covering the entirety of one wall with mirrored panels – this will create the illusion of doubling the space.

Make a frame college 

If you have a number of old frames cluttering up tables and desks, instead of throwing them out, paint them a rainbow of colours. Adding a lick of paint to dated frames will instantly bring them back to life. You may pay anything up to £40 for a contemporary or vintage style frame. This seems ludicrous when you’re able to pick up a variety of styles for a couple of pounds in the local charity shop. Simply clean them up and use a distressed painting technique to dress them.

Add a fancy blind 

Accessories are great assets when it comes to altering the appearance of a room. For the likes of a casement window, why not decorate it with a trendy blind? This small injection of colour will instantly brighten up your bedroom, office or kitchen without costing the earth. With the right materials, you can even use your old blinds as a base and decorate them with a fabric of your choice. The same principle can be applied to cushions and chairs.




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