Slip Ons

I do realize this is not the hottest of trends and slip ons have been out there for a while, but started growing on me very recently. For some reason, heels seem kinda boring, I can’t believe I just said that! But they do, don’t they? As much as it hurts to say, it looks like heels are giving way to many new styles that are not only cool, but flat!!! I don’t care if we’re up to snowstorms and severe temps, I need these shoes in my life right now!

11906164325_2a5db0afbc_o 11906168215_5b1f8be6d1_o 11906171345_c6dcaa5369_o 11906172205_7d548e8b28_o 11906172565_d17a0ea380_o 11906438793_beb428a76b_o 11906440163_9c55e2d540_o 11906442243_d20054278c_o 11906443113_eb63fdd368_o 11906604324_ee6954ab86_o 11906606814_0cdf0e13f9_o 11906608314_2b115b653f_o 11907031406_49654f7ebd_o 11907032806_d6566c584a_o


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