Review YVES SAINT LAURENT Parisienne Eau de Parfum Spray


Parisienne has a base-scent that is almost the same as the top-scent. Thát is very unique because after about 15 minutes the scent doesn’t change!! Parisienne has the scent of coloured flowers. It is stronger and goes deeper than a white flower-scent. That makes Parisienne not a typical summer product as whiter-flower scents do.
The “heavy” ingredients like musk and sandalwood are hardly noticeable. It is a pure flower-scent without a synthetic smell and without smelling sweet.

Most new perfumes from the last ten years have a base tone that has synthetic fruits as ingredients especially mellon is often used. Dior, Lancome, Gucci and Armani produced a lot of typical synthetic scents with a toptone that differs a lot from the base tone That is why the scent changes after a while. A lot of the brands have used the same synthetic ingredients, so many scents smell the same.
I can imagine that a lot of women who are used to those scents don’t have a positive opinion about Parisienne.

Parisienne is different, has a name that fits with the scent. It is very European, it is classic, it has style and it is ultra feminine.
You can wear the scent in the evening par exemple when you are having (a romantic) dinner at a good restaurant, but also at daytime because it is not too heavy.The scent has a good staying power.
Even after washing my clothes I can still smell it and that is not a punishment for me! I feel extra feminine when I wear Parisienne.

Choosing a scent is very personal. It is a matter of taste ánd how it reacts with your skin and your personal scent.
I love this scent! It is very elegant and mature.


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