Amazing Katy Perry

Katy Perry
 What makes Katy so unique now, in 2014, is that she is so above things, in the most positive sense of the phrase! She has been through hard times, but that was her stuff – the drama which goes on about her in media and social media is only about her, but not her. I love the way Katy supports, now as she’s become big, other artists; I’ve got piles of albums and stuff now which I got to know because she selects and recommends them; of course you don’t have to like everything of it, but I couldn’t name somebody else who has this kind of true integrity to that extent. Katy reminds me again and again you have to keep opening your mind and grow, not only in music of course.

Katy Perry is the first woman to have five #1 songs from one album on the billboard charts. She’s tied with Michael Jackson. Girl has great instincts. Her record company was adamant in keeping ‘I Kissed A Girl’ off her debut album. Katy fought for it. It was her first huge hit. And clearly, it’s not a fluke. Could a total idiot strike lightning five times?
Katy Perry scored her second No.1 album in the UK and she will bring The Prismatic World Tour on 27, 28, 30 and 31 May 2014 in support of her album, PRISM. You can buy Katy Perry tickets at the O2.

I love that She knows her fans. She interacts with them on her personal Twitter that, for better or worse, is written by her and her only. Guys, it’s like she’s a real person. She knows her image and she knows her crowd. She can get slimed on at the Kids’ Choice Awards with as much enthusiasm of being on the cover of Vanity Fair.

And I just love her rainbow hair!
The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals enhanced-buzz-20663-1355559259-6 Katy-Perry-Cropped
Katy perry1Katy-Perry-new-hairstyle

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