Sahara Noir- Tom Ford for women

Tom-Ford-Sahara-Noir (1) Tom-Ford-Sahara-Noir

This is it. I have found my incense fix that will transport me away from this world.

This is all about Frankincense(olibanum).
Other notes are there, but one needs to wear this for at least two times in order to see what’s beyond the frankincense.For example: The amber and beeswax are there, but only giving accents to the scent. That’s where the “almost” sweet vibe comes from, especially in the first hour.

The cypress is also there. It adds a tiny bit of a spicy character to the frankincense, which gives it more depth and mystery.
The drydown is all about that churchy olibanum frankincense, but it never gets too sharp or “cold”. It stays smooth and soft.
The beeswax finally opens up in the drydown, giving the scent extra warmth.

I am always being accosted by strangers. I kid you not, I have had people practically shove their faces in my personal space, inhale deeply, and with a glazed over, love drunk look in their eyes; barely exhale, “What are you wearing ?”

“Masterpiece” doesn’t do justice to this.
This is an addictive scent that should be purchased with a prescription!  I’ve been putting Sahara Noir on twice a day, once in the morning and then after getting out of the shower before going to bed. This is NOT a fragrance, this is a narcotic in a spray bottle!

You can buy Sahara Noir- Tom Ford online from Harrods.


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