Doors Make a Dramatic Impact on Interior Design

Doors are one of the most visible design features in any home

Just as any other design feature that goes into your new home or renovation, doors should be thoughtfully selected to reflect your home’s unique style and character. Consider the important, but often overlooked, role doors play in interior design:

  • Every room has a door, unlike other design features that only impact one room, like granite countertops, appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Doors are used dozens of times each day
  • Doors perform an important function in addition to aesthetic enhancement, offering security, privacy, noise reduction and room separation

Visualize the difference a well-designed door makes

All too often, the hollow core, six-panel door is the default choice even in custom homes that include an otherwise impressive selection of amenities and upgrades. Doors have been overly value engineered, diminishing their structural and design integrity. However, the visual impact of high-quality, architectural door is dramatic. Take a glimpse at the striking difference a well-designed door makes in the look and feel of a room.

door door

vp-kitchen-before-lg vp-kitchen-after-lg

Once upon a time, doors held a significant place in architectural design. Doors embodied the unique philosophies and conventions of the architectural periods in which they were built and were considered influential indicators of style and stature.

ba-lvngroom2-after-lg ba-lvngroom2-before-lg ba-lvngroom-after-lg ba-lvngroom-before-lg


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