URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Original

UD-eyeshadow-primer-potion1 UD-eyeshadow-primer-potion2

URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Original

I haven’t tried too many other primers, but I can say in all honesty that this one is so good, once you use this, you won’t WANT to try any others! I have extremely, extremely oily skin that starts to get oily like 10 minutes after I wash it. I have ALWAYS had issues with eyeshadow not being as bright as it looks on the package when applied, and then creasing to all heck once the oil starts. For many years, I dealt with this because, frankly, I never knew of eyeshadow primers. But after this was recommenced to me, and saw all the positive reviews, I decided to try it.
Man, is it worth the money! First, you don’t even have to apply much at all to each lid so it will last you a very long time, even for every day users. Just a light, barely-there squeeze, and you have what you need. It applies wonderfully with no caking or oiliness whatsoever. Just smooth and silky, and dries quickly (but again, not in a cakey, over-dry way).
Once you have this primer on, you can use any eyeshadow and it will always enhance it. You can use dollar store or high end and it all comes on beautifully. But the BEST part is that even with an oil prone face like mine, the eyeshadow with LAST and I no longer have to worry about those horrid creases in the middle of my lid from the eyeshadow gathering or the eyeliner coming off (I have low lids too, so always have a problem with my top eyeliner rubbing into the crease of my eyelid).
After using this product and seeing the results, it has made me want to wear eyeshadow more often as I know it will stay and not look horrible after 30 minutes. I just love this product so much, and I hope that they NEVER change the formula because it’s perfection just the way it is!

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