Review URBAN DECAY Naked2

Urban-Decay-Naked2-Palette-821 Urban-Decay-Naked2-Palette-823 Urban-Decay-Naked2-Palette-828 Urban-Decay-Naked2-Palette-842

Love this! Was wary of what palette to get for my colouration, but couldn’t be happier with this. I disagree that it’s for cooler tones only — i have very pale but yellow-toned skin, dark browns, platinum/bleached hair, and green eyes, and I love this. Some of the lighter and shimmery colours would also look much better on skin darker than mine.
It’s super versatile – good balance of mattes, sheers, shimmers, and bolds. I love that I can put on a day “I-just-look-like-me-but-better-I’m-not-really-wearing-makeup” office look, toss it in my bag, and then add some more dramatic colours at the end of the day for a more evening look. I was skeptical about the price, but I’ll definitely be getting A LOT of use out of this.
Love the brush as well, and the included primer is great – I’ll probably be buying a full size when the samples run out.
Shadows vary in texture – some fallout on some of them, but they don’t really ‘stain’ until you brush them in so it’s easy enough to sweep away. Texture on all is good though, very easy to blend and smooth once applied. Wish the mattes were a little bolder, but they’re very buildable and you can always use a wet brush for a darker look. Colours all last pretty long and don’t crease very much.
Overall, totally worth it!

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